Outsourced Employment

Outsourced Employment – Umbrella Company Alternative

You can access up to 86% of your earnings after tax and NI obligations using Outsourced Employment. You can benefit from more time, more money and a more robust solution that is supported by a UK-based team of chartered accountants. Furthermore, no money moves offshore. So, that gives you peace of mind that you are contracting in line with current legislation.

“We are flexible in our approach. Therefore, that ensures that rather than a one-size fits all, we tailor the tax planning and your employment in line with your requirements and personal circumstances”.

Employee Status

Your status as an employee won’t be in question. So, you will not lose sleep worrying about reporting or your tax being paid on time. Also, your agency, or end client, will have no concerns about exposure to possible unexpected reporting and tax obligations.

Alternatives to Umbrella Companies

Alternatives to Umbrella Companies for UK contractors

  • Your employer is in the UK – nothing “offshore” is going on here.
  • Your employer carries out all PAYE and NIC reporting. They take full responsibility for that. So there is no risk to you, nor to the agency or end client. They deduct your Tax and NI, therefore, at source.
  • They process your payments efficiently – usually the same day, but always within one working day. All payments remain within the UK bank clearing system. So no delays or currency exchange risks.
  • Your terms of employment are clear and transparent. Furthermore, it is not subject to IR35, MSC, AWR or EBT legislation.

Outsourced Employment

An experienced, and friendly, team will take care of every aspect of your employment and payroll requirements. They offer professional, reliable and cost-effective outsourced employment. They also offer timely and efficient payroll services, enabling your focus to stay on what you do well.

The crucial difference between this strategy and other vehicles in a similar environment, is that it’s 100% commercially underpinned. Furthermore, this gives your end client or agency greater comfort in the knowledge that you, as an individual, will be genuinely employed and will receive a salary.

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