Umbrella Company List / Directory

Umbrella Company List / Directory for Contractors

You will find here an Umbrella Company List or directory further down the page.

Many contractors and freelancers are using some of the many vehicles around that help them to save tax by using umbrella companies that are more tax efficient. Most contractors pay too much tax by not doing so.

PAYE Umbrella Companies

PAYE Umbrella Companies for uK contractors

This way, they are able to get returns of between 75% and maybe 90% of their money. These vehicles are legal.

We have put together, therefore, an umbrella company list for companies which operate these opportunities for contractor and freelancers.

We have also put together, for contractors, some other types of solution as an alternative to an umbrella company or a plain old Limited Company with an accountant. All of these are onshore.

They all return 83% or maybe more to contractors by using the most efficient methods of saving on tax.

Normal PAYE umbrella companies only allow contractors to keep 60% to 65% of their income. Now that they cannot claim for travel and subsistence, this in now at the lower end of eth range.

Your Umbrella Company List / Directory

Outsourced Employment – Umbrella Company Type

Outsourced Employment offer an “Outsourced Employment Service” as opposed to your typical Umbrella Company set-up. This enables you to access up to 86% of your earnings This is, of course, subject to your day rate, role and other key criteria.

To find out more about Outsourced Employment or any other strategies that Outsourced Employment provide, fill out an enquiry form after clicking on Outsourced Employment.

Compare the Umbrella

Compare the Umbrella can give freelancers returns of up to, perhaps, 88% returns on their money. This will depend on their rates and their circumstances. All you have to do is submit time sheets and they, of course, do the rest. So, they are happy to give you free advice on IR35 and Umbrella Companies.

Furthermore, you have no worries with them about invoicing and doing your accounts and they pay daily. You get the same service as you would wish a PAYE umbrella but get to keep more of your money.

To find out more just fill out the form here – Compare the Umbrella

Limited Company Solutions

Limited Company Strategy

An alternative Limited Company strategy is ideal for those who have a desire to use a Limited Company (PSC) in a more robust and tax efficient way. This is as opposed to an Umbrella Company or available options within an existing Limited Company.

Their specialist team will work with you to increase your wealth. They will mitigate your personal tax and, of course, corporation tax liabilities, resulting in you being able to access up to 86% of your gross contract value or turnover.

 “We are specialists in tax efficient and tailored tax planning strategies for contractors, high net-worth individuals and business owners, maximising wealth and remuneration”

It’s time to review your Tax Planning! To find out more about their Limited Company Strategy or any other services that Associate Services provide, fill out an enquiry form here – Limited Company Strategy.

Compare the Umbrella Limited Company Solution

Sometimes agencies won’t let you use a particular umbrella company. Sometimes they are taking a bung from one or more of them to put contractors their way. Often they would have one or more Umbrella Company partners that they force contractors into. This is actually illegal under the Bribery Act of 2011.

However, you can avoid this trap by using Compare the Umbrella. They operate a system where you can keep your Limited Company and operate using their system through that. Therefore, if you just tell your agency that you have your own Limited Company it will be invisible to them. So, they won’t force you to operate through one of their preferred suppliers.

To find out more (including how it operates) click on Compare the Umbrella Limited Company Solution

International Umbrella Company Solutions

IF International Payroll Company

IF are an international solutions provider for contractors who work outside the UK. They operate in 19 different countries.

Through their knowledge of the tax systems in those countries they can, therefore, maximise the returns for contractors working in those countries. They can also give them great advice as to how to operate in there.

Furthermore, the solutions and the returns will be different for each country This is because of the different tax systems. However, IF will help contractors to maximise their returns based on their knowledge of the tax laws of the different countries.

For more details click on IF International Payroll