Umbrella Company Directory

Umbrella Company Directory

Contractors who want to operate through PAYE Umbrella Companies are often looking for an Umbrella Company Directory.

Onshore umbrella companies are the safe option for contractors. The Government created IR35 in 1999 because many permanent employees were being laid off on a Friday and taken back on as contractors on the following Monday.

So, it helped save tax for both the employer and the ex-employee ( or new contractor).

Disguised Employees

The Government, quite rightly, saw this as tax avoidance and saw those new contractors as ‘disguised employees’.

However, the new IR35 tax hit more than those ‘disguised employees’. It hit many contractors who had been operating legitimately under limited companies for years.

Those contractors caught by IR35 tax didn’t normally just stump up the tax. They went into Umbrella Companies.

This was a ruse so that contractors could still claim a few expenses against tax. They could, as a result, claim travelling and overnight expenses. They could claim against pension contributions and memberships of trade bodies.

Disguised Contractors

Instead of being ‘disguised employees’ they became ‘disguised contractors’. So, for tax purposes they were employees of the umbrella company despite operating as contractors.

Firstly, the Umbrella Company sent out invoices for them. They deducted the expenses. They paid the contractors and paid their taxes.

This suited the HMRC despite them losing a bit of tax over it. It also meant that they had to deal merely with three or four hundred Umbrella Companies rather than 200,000 contractors.

Also, instead of waiting till after year-end the Umbrella Companies sent the PAYE Tax monthly for the contractors.

offshore umbrella company list

Offshore Umbrella Company List

Umbrella Company Directory

So, here are the members of our Umbrella Company Directory:- Umbrella Solution

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Other Umbrella Company Solutions

1. Danbro

2. Parasol

3. 3Sixty Group

4. Capital Umbrella

5. Brookson

6. 1st Choice

7. Orange and Gold

8. Pacific

9. Payscheme Plus

10. Plan IT

11. AstonML

12. Carrington Group

13. Dasa Consulting

14. TekPay

15. Green Lantern

There are also a number of Umbrella Company alternative, or substitutes, which are all based onshore.

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