IF International Payroll Solutions

IF International Payroll Solutions

IF International are a firm who provide international payroll solutions for contractors who work outside the UK. They operate in many countries. They will tailor their payroll solutions to individual contractors. This, therefore, will depend on the country that they operate in and where they live normally.

With their knowledge of the tax laws of those countries they maximise the returns and take home pay for international contractors.

Therefore IF International will guarantee that you will never pay more tax or fees than they originally quote you.

In the unlikely event that the initial projection is inaccurate in any way, and there is a demand for a tax amount greater than you were originally quoted, IF will pay the difference.

Should anyone demand any unexpected fees from you, they will pay those fees. So, in the event that the tax amount is less than you were originally quoted you will receive a rebate directly into your account. It is, therefore, an industry first and a true Win-Win for the international contractor.

Top Retention Rates for Contractors

In addition to the unprecedented peace of mind this guarantee provides, IF can deliver outstanding retention rates and make payments within 24 hours. This is all whilst keeping your money safely in the UK.

The three things that make this possible for IF International is their transparency, integrity and experience.

Would you use a spanner to drive in a screw? Whilst screws and bolts are theoretically similar, in reality they require very different tools.

The Right International Payroll Solutions

It’s the same, therefore, with contractors. Too many international payroll solutions providers treat them with a one size fits all approach. Your money is a serious business. So, you need a firm who see you as an individual and who can give you the right tools.

They are a firm that is a perfect fit for you. That is why, unlike many others, IF will design a tailor-made solution that is unique to you, your situation and your requirements – and maximises the money you can keep.

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