International Umbrella Companies

International Umbrella Companies for Contractors

Many UK contractors now work abroad and use international umbrella companies. Many of those work in the European Union. Furthermore, others work outside of the EU altogether.

It can be very lucrative for international contractors. Rates in many European countries can be appreciably higher than they are in the UK. Examples are Germany, Holland and the Scandinavian countries.

Often, the companies they work for, in those countries, won’t let them use their UK Umbrella Company or their UK-based Limited Company.

So, what they need to use is an international umbrella company solution.

Best Tax Solution for International Contractors

The operators of such international umbrella companies tailor their solutions to the country where the contractor is operating and where they live normally.

They usually operate in a number of countries. They know how to get the best tax solution for individual contractors through their knowledge of those countries.

Too many contractors, when working abroad, pay too much tax. They don’t take advantage of efficient tax planning. Also, they don’t take advantage of the tax rules of the country where they are operating in or the one where they are living.

offshore umbrella company list

Offshore Umbrella Company List

International Contractors

The use of International Umbrella Companies means that international contractors can maximise their returns, and take home pay, whilst working abroad.

Many solutions providers have only one solution for contractors. However, international umbrella company providers tailor each solution to individual contractors. This is so that they can keep the maximum of what they earn.

Therefore these companies fit you rather than you having to fit them. They look at your unique situation and tailor the optimum solution that suits you best. They maximise your returns and the money that you can keep.

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