Contractor Accountants List / Directory

Contractor Accountants List / Directory

Contractor Accountants List – a Directory of top contractor accountants.

A contractor’s best friend is his or her accountant. they can save you a lot of money and get you out of a crisis. It happens with contractors that they are out of work for a spell and have spent the money they have put aside for tax.

So, that’s the time when they should be talking to their accountant and not hiding away from him or her.

Contractors have a double advantage on permanent employees. They double their money when they go contracting.

They are also able to claim for a lot of things against tax. That means they pay a smaller percentage of their income on tax.

Make sure when choosing an accountant that:-

1. Firstly, they have other contractors and freelancers from your profession as customers. If you are an IT Contractor and they don’t have any IT Contractor customers they won’t understand your profession. They may then may mistakes which lead you to paying too much tax.

2. They don’t charge too much. Let them know that you are talking to a few firms so you get the best offer.

3. They are associated with top accountancy trade bodies.

4. You decide beforehand what you want done by your accountant and what you want to do yourself before asking for a quote.

5. You agree all fees upfront. You don’t want to find that there are extra charges that they hadn’t told you about.

6.  You get a specialist contractor accountants list and get in touch with a few.

Contractor Accountants Directory

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We have a Contractor Accountants List / Directory.

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